Royal luxury

One of the most important events of January was the grand opening of the reconstructed “royal” bathhouse of the “Russian bath on Lake Saimaa” bath complex. Some time ago, this bathhouse was damaged by fire accidentally, but the team of the complex did not lose courage, moreover they’ve got original ideas for the restoration of the fabulous bathhouse and brought it in a short time. The peculiarity of the logs (which top layer were burnt) is dictated by the technique of wall decorating – painting, which is not quite common for the classical understanding of the baths, but the pastel colors are characterizing antiquity of the Royal apartment’s decoration and the cottage name proves it. The floor of the bath is decorated by expensive floor tile like an element of the royal palace instead usual wooden planks. The first floor of the bath has living and dining areas, steam and shower rooms, also owners are going to open the second floor but design and interior of it they keep in a secret, because they’re preparing an another surprise for their guests.