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«Teschina» bathhouse

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:47:59
«Teschina» bathhouse is comfortable and plain. Because it is made like a real Russian wood-fire bathhouse in a favorite village. Getting into the bathhouse, you like come to visit dear mother-in-law, who heated the bath, baked pancakes and made the kvass! You can choose temperature you like by yourself in a steam room and heat by firewood, which we prepared for you. This bathhouse is for two men. You can come with your friend, sweetheart, or escape from the city alone. In summertime you can relax at the cozy summer veranda and dip into the font with ice-cold water. And the price is affordable for everyone. Welcome to our «Teschina» bathhouse. With us you will feel yourself like at home, but even better! Telephone for information: 8(3462)66-25-26.
In honour of 8th of March female part of staff of group of companies Glavsnab visited «Ohotnichya» bathhouse. A lot of positive emotions and surprises was waited for beautiful ladies! Drawing of steamings, bath-wellness treatments, variety of dishes and drinks from bath-wellness complex «Russian bathhouse on Saima» made the holiday amazing and unforgettable! All the ladies got their prizes and thanked the staff of bath-wellness complex for organization International Women's Day holiday:

Novelty in «Sibirskij» bath cottage

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:37:01
Pictures of clear blue sky and yellow sunflowers in different parts of decorations became the symbolic parts of «Sibirskij» bath cottage. So the telephone in the living room of baths looks different with the beautiful pictures of sunflowers. Telephone for information: 8(3462)66-25-26.

Novelty in «Ohotnochnya» bathhouse

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:36:10
Living room of «Ohotnochnya» bathhouse became lighter. Original lamps emphasize the common style of the interior and the name of the bath cottage. Telephone for information: 8(3462)66-25-26.

Healing spicy drink

Tuesday, 30 August 2016 15:31:19
Healing spicy drink – an integral part of the tea ceremonies in the bathhouse! Refreshing, bracing and aromatic beverage «S legkim parom» according to original recipe of Russian bathhouse on Saima will restore your power, fill you with energy and you will be ready to conquer new heights. Telephone for information: 8(3462)66-25-26.

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