Tuesday, August 30, 2016

«Teschina» bathhouse is comfortable and plain. Because it is made like a real Russian wood-fire bathhouse in a favorite village. Getting into the bathhouse, you like come to visit dear mother-in-law, who heated the bath, baked pancakes and made the kvass! You can choose temperature you like by yourself in a steam room and heat by firewood, which we prepared for you. This bathhouse is for two men. You can come with your friend, sweetheart, or escape from the city alone. In summertime you can relax at the cozy summer veranda and dip into the font with ice-cold water. And the price is affordable for everyone. Welcome to our «Teschina» bathhouse. With us you will feel yourself like at home, but even better! Telephone for information: 8(3462)66-25-26.