Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In honour of 8th of March female part of staff of group of companies Glavsnab visited «Ohotnichya» bathhouse. A lot of positive emotions and surprises was waited for beautiful ladies! Drawing of steaming s, bath-wellness treatments, variety of dishes and drinks from bath-wellness complex «Russian bathhouse on Saima» made the holiday amazing and unforgettable! All the ladies got their prizes and thanked the staff of bath-wellness complex for organization International Women's Day holiday:

«Female part of staff of group of companies Glavsnab expressed deep gratitude for provision bath-wellness services in «Russian bathhouse on Saima» in honour of international day 8th of March»:

«We liked everything so much, tasty dishes and good service.

- I liked drawing of steamings and pleasant surprises so much. I won the steaming «Krayniy predel». After reading description of steaming I understood, that this steaming for brave people like me! My colleagues also had luck to feel baths treatments. They won steamings «Graf Tolstoy» and «Profilakticheskaya» and also baths treatment «Movnya». So, we will master refinements of Russian bathhouse. – said chief accountant.

- I was very surprised, when had won leasing of hookah in Russian bathhouse! It’s so cool that I can feel Russian baths treatments and delicate habits of East at the same time. – told us office manager.

- I like Russian cuisine so much. These dishes of national cuisine I associate with the grandmother's pies and pancakes. Winning pancakes with red caviar, I felt the taste of childhood - sweet pancakes with vanilla flavor. Caviar added the king's greatness in a dish –memories of HR specialist.

- And I was added a charge of energy and forced by cool tonic « S legkim parom». I want, if I’m lucky, to ask a recipe from waiter – told us Specialist of legal department.

- I will have to steaming «Scotch with ice». The name scares me a little bit, but I like extreme and think that this steaming will add some adrenalin in my recreation. From all the employees of our company I would like to thank bath-wellness complex « Russian bathhouse on Saima» for organization holiday – chief of maintenance department thanked us.

Girls shared with us their vivid impressions with joy and enthusiasm.